Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Love Them Muchos!


Seriously, pls hv a look at the title. I really mean it. I love my friends much. Yeah but to be more specific, now i'm talking about my bestfriends yang rapat sebab pernah stay hostel and sekolah sama2. Boleh dikatakan rapat la. Orang yg punya bestfriends tp bkn duduk hostel tak faham, sbb kehidupan kat hostel lain. We really shared EVERYTHING together. Yeah, at most. Walau bukan semua pun hampir semua la. Haha sila memahami apa yang sy nk smpaikan yee -,-"  

okay lah, sejak habis sekolah ni malas pulak nak cakap banyak. Let the photos speak :) 

Ohh by the way, last 20th December was Qiss' birthday. Sorry dear, masa tu tak sempat buat entry. Tp walaupun tak buat entry macam selalu, i love you even more than much, dear. Thanks for being a nice friend for me, and for us :) SAYEY MUNG HEH! :P 

baby Qiss yang baru ckup umur :P 

Happy sweet seventeen babe. Walaupun 2012 dah tamat and you bru 17 tahun. May Allah bless you always. Stay rock and roll jyeahh! ♥ *tiba2* 

Well, beliau baru masuk 17. And i'll be an eighteen-year-old girl tomorrow! Haha macam tak percaya auww. 

Bday celebration ramai2 masa 2009 
So then,  i've something to say here :

Goodluck to all my honeys. Take care of yourselves. Just being nice to everyone near you. I will never forget all those sweet-bitter times of us in 5 years. Well, nothing to forget about bcs it has been installed, downloaded and saved in my mind and heart. May Allah bless us all and keep holding us as we go through our journeys. Only Him knows how i love you more than much babes. No doubt, there's nobody can replace you guys in my heart. Jalan kita masih panjang, so just stay strong, study smart and please never forget me and us :) Maybe this is not sweet enough but i'm really expressing this from deep inside my heart. Thanks for always being beside me, walaupun ada yang terpisah lebih awal, tp sy tetap sayang semua. Thank You for these wonderful 5 years.*sobbing* :') 

One word :

Till we meet again peeps 

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